Monday, May 21, 2012

Dreams do come true, Dreams do come true, Dreams do come true! (I am trying to encourage myself)  I haven't blogged in a while. Partly due to life running full boar ahead, partly due to my health. It seems I am not super mom and can not continually go at the speed of light. My immune system is shot and currently as I am sitting here trying to catch up I am in the throes of  pain while passing a kidney stone. It seems as if I have had a kidney infection for weeks and i was thinking it was my IBS. I went on antibiotics just two days ago and i assume that the infection and swelling has gone down enough for my sweet little kidney to shoot out one if its pieces of shrapnel. If you have ever passed a "stone" you understand what I am saying. This will be my 7th! My kidneys have been clear for two years... But as tests showed my acid level is at a level that requires me to STOP eating acidic foods and embrace the more alkaline morsels. The acid level actually causes kidney disease and leaches calcium from my bones to cause the stones.

Dreams do come true, Dreams do come true, Dreams do come true! We have still been looking for our dream home.. We spoke with our financial planner last week and are looking towards and planning my husbands early retirement in 23 months. We have made the plan to leave California and are isolating our search more towards the east coast.

We want an area that is not being plagued by drought which so many states are, we want a home where we are free to drink our raw goats milk, raise our chickens, sell their eggs and basically set up an income building homestead. Dreams do come true, Dreams do come true, Dreams do come true! My focus today is that my dreams will come true, that the desires of my heart that were purposely placed by God will be realized.

So I will be encouraged, in my struggle to get healthy, in my journey to prepare my family to move across this nation and to search out every blessing God has for me! You be encouraged too and realize that you too can experience all the joy imaginable, that you can be in the middle of the same chaos as I find myself in with 5 kids,  and love love love life!