Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Looking in all the right places

Granted I just started this blog and feel as though I am completely clueless as to how to grow one. On the positive side I can tell you that I have found the mother load of helpful blogs that will no doubt help us in our endeavor to become the happy hobby farmer or what I really desire, a self sustaining family, with a handful of farm animals a beautiful garden and all of the other "trappings".  So for today I will continue to do what I can to prepare myself for my tomorrow. I am planning on dehydrating some tomatoes. I just finished  drying some organic Basil I picked up from Fresh -n-Easy for 35cents a 6 oz package which normally runs 2.99! I purchased all they had and had enough of the dry stuff to fill a quart jar. So off till tomorrow!


  1. If you haven't visited OFG yet it will be well worth you while, she has one of the most entertaining and informative farm blogs out there.

  2. I grew & bought basil at the farmers market last summer then dried it. I have my seeds bought for planting this spring. I love to cook with it & sprinkle on foods. Welcome to the blog & Blessings!

  3. Well let's see...I first started by reading Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats then I did a lot of reading on the internet. Some of the pages were a wealth of information including, Fiasco Farm (link on my page), Onion creek ranch, Pipestone vet (they have ask a vet- which has been invaluable- they also have a page on facebook). The goat spot forum has been wonderful! I also asked the advice of many of our fellow bloggers, if they couldn't answer my questions directly they usually pointed me in the right direction. Just remember that everyone has their own way of doing things, sometimes there isn't just one way of doing things.

  4. Hi Rhoda-
    I saw that you joined my North Forest Farm blog. Welcome! One of the best things about gaining followers is meeting others who have similar interests. I'm so happy to meet you. :) I'd be happy to answer any questions that I have experience with. If you have a question you'd like a longer answer on, just use my contact button. Also, you can check out the Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats forum (there's a button on the blog) for tons of useful info and support. There are a ton of great blog links to check out on my other blog, Lets Get Real: Life At North Forest Farm, here
    I've learned so much from some of the women who write them. Blessings on your search for a good piece of land, and on all of your families adventures!

    I make pesto out of many of my herbs. As pesto, they keep their flavor and color so beautifully, and can be used in many ways. We put it on pasta, top baked potatoes, and use it as a sandwich spread (especially good on a broiled sandwich with cheese and veggies). You can use each herb alone, mix them together or even with spinach. Basil, parsley and cilantro work especially well this way.